Deborah Kimono Nursing Cardigan - Key Features

  • Built-in hidden buttons and loops
    This is the highlight of Deborah's design! The placements of the buttons and holes are specifically placed such that you get to choose how much coverage is needed. When you're nursing your baby, you'd probably want a bit more space so you can peek at his or her expressions and provide more ventilation. During a pumping session, button up all the way to keep modest and discreet even in the workplace. 
    *Updated design: During our testing phase, many mums expressed that they'd like more coverage for the cardigan. So, we will be including 2 more buttons higher up on each side to keep you covered!
  • Back centre vent design
    Other than being a cool detail, the back centre vent was created to make more room and comfort for mummy and baby when you are draping the cardigan across for nursing.