Hannah Reversible Midi Dress - Key Features

  • Built-in bra padding
    Say goodbye to bras! Enjoy good coverage, no nip slips and bra straps showing with our built-in bra padding. Padding size increases according to dress size and is removable if you'd like to slot in your own bra pads! If you are nursing, disposable breast pads can stick on easily to the material to catch those leaks! If you do leak however, our fabric is waterproof and stains will not show. 
  • Invisible side zips for nursing 
    Since there's no need for bras, immediately zip down either side for easy access to nurse OR pull the straps down if you are choosing to wear the dress with the V-neckline in front.
  • Adjustable straps with D-rings
    Instead of regular straps that can be cumbersome to adjust, we chose to install D-rings (in a gorgeous matte gold finish) on straps for easy adjustability. Just tug at the straps hard enough to shorten quickly, even while you're wearing the dress. Some mums say this is a great feature because their bust size increases during and after pregnancy and need more space for the armholes to be comfortable.
  • Side slits on both sides
    Because style must be practical, we made side slits on both sides of the dress for ease of movement. No need to worry about ruining your dress or tripping over when you're chasing after the kids!
  • 2 hip pockets
    Perfect for random mum things, like a few pieces of tissue, a bit of candy or a phone. 
  • Water-resistant fabric
    To make it extra functional for mums, we also treated the fabric with a flouride-free waterproofing agent so water and EVEN MILK rolls off the fabric like pearls. 💦