Multi-functional Nursing Swaddle - Key Features

  • Amazingly soft and comfortable
    The Multi-functional Nursing Swaddle is made of high quality bamboo cotton gauze fabric that is highly breathable, lightweight, quick-drying and anti-bacterial. With so many functions, these features help it last longer between washes and keep mummy and baby in great comfort. 
  • More than a regular swaddle cloth
    From 0-6 months, baby needs to be swaddled for better sleep because of their startle reflex. Beyond this age, traditional swaddles don't really have much use. Ours has at least 5 functions and can be used for years after. 
  • Nurse or pump on-the-go
    When baby is ready to breastfeed, unfold the swaddle, snap the buttons and drape it over as a convenient nursing cover! Because of the fabric construction, light and ventilation can still enter through, making it easy for you to connect comfortably with baby while keeping high coverage!
  • Wear it as a cardigan or scarf
    Our innovative design lets the nursing swaddle double up as a cute cardigan with a knot in front just in case you need to cover up. With so many functions, you can do more with packing less in that bursting diaper bag! 
  • Durable and strong button closure
    We chose original KAM snap buttons in matching colours (pretty!) so you don't have to worry about your modesty as you breastfeed or pump in public. As these buttons are really secure, be careful not to pull open the buttons too abruptly to avoid tearing the fabric.