Rebecca Pocket Shorts - Key Features

  • Seamless waistband
    Besides being functional, we love creating things that are beautiful. This is why we designed the Rebecca Pocket shorts with a hidden waistband. No more unsightly seams or too much fabric bunching up at the waist. 
  • Additional adjustable waistband
    If you happen to lose some of that pregnancy weight, get your shorts to fit better by tightening the inner adjustable waistband.
  • Mesh inner lining
    Say goodbye to VPL (visible panty line) with a super soft mesh inner lining that adds to the thickness of the fabric without trapping heat or adding weight.
  • 2 front pockets
    A pair of go-to shorts is nothing without pockets! We made these pockets deep enough for phones and all kinds of mum things like tissues and keys!
  • Side slits
    As with many distinctive features in Olive Basics' designs, we love side slits for ease of movement. A small detail like that also adds to the overall aesthetic.