Sarah Reversible Button Tank - Key Features

  • Reversible neckline
    When a tank top is this comfortable, we have got to give it more mileage right? Dress it up or down for different occasions with either scoop neckline with buttons or have a clean, sophisticated look with the high neckline. We intentionally designed the straps to be thicker so every bra strap, regular or nursing can be hidden.  
  • Invisible side zips for nursing
    On a day where you're wearing the Sarah Reversible Button Tank with the high neckline, breastfeed on-the-go with the invisible side zips. For the reverse side, simply unbutton to nurse from the front.
  • Curved hemline 
    Other than being a detail to elevate the look, the curved hemline not only flatters the figure but also houses a growing baby bump!
  • Natural shell buttons
    We used natural shell buttons that are beautiful, bio-degradable and relatively flat so it doesn't protrude out and cause discomfort when you're carrying kids.